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Why do organisations make the switch to e-invoicing?

Buyer Benefits

Reduce Cost of Processing Invoices

E-invoicing helps to streamline accounts operations. Staff will no longer spend time manually
inputting paper invoice data, sorting, filing and registering invoices.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

E-invoicing means that all data is stored electronically in a secure cloud based data center.
This results in a significant decrease in paper around the office. E-invoicing is greener for
the environment and therefore reduces the carbon footprint that your business leaves behind.

Prevent Suppliers Backdating Invoices

E-invoicing prohibits suppliers backdating invoices as all invoices are time-stamped, all
data is stored electronically and is easily accessible by all authorized parties through
a secure online portal.

Secure High-Level Information

Only authorized personnel have access to the data center where your invoices are stored,
access from unauthorized personnel is a low risk. All data is securely stored and backed
up for a minimum of 6 years.

Improve Dispute Handling

Invoice disputes can cost quite a lot to resolve. The faster, more accurate payments that
are enabled by e-invoicing greatly reduce the number of calls from suppliers asking about
payment status or disputing payment amounts.

Improve Relationships with Suppliers

E-invoicing opens a clear channel of communication between trading partners, while
simultaneously reducing the number of queries made, and enabling prompt payment,
which in turn improves the relationship between buyer and supplier.

Increase Employee Productivity

E-invoicing helps to streamline accounts operations allowing employees to focus on other
important jobs within the company. Valuable time is no longer wasted on processing and
storing paper invoices.

Reconcile Accounts More Efficiently

Suppliers are often asked to reconcile the payments they receive from customers against
the original invoices. To reduce fees customers will quite often consolidate payments for
a few invoices into a single payment. To simplify account reconciliation for suppliers,
customers should send electronic remittance advices along with a payment that provides
detailed accounting of the invoices paid as well as debits, credits or adjustments taken.