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Why do organisations make the switch to e-invoicing?

Manager Benefits

Streamline Operations

E-invoicing helps streamline accounts operations. Staff no longer have to spend a large
proportion of each week sending or processing invoices, this allows employees in both
accounts payable and accounts receivable departments to utilise their time more efficiently
and to focus on more important and productive tasks.

Approved by Accountants & Auditors

With e-invoicing all invoices are accessible at the touch of a button, because
of this accountants and auditors can have the ability to monitor and audit accounts
remotely via the Internet.

Improve Visibility & Control

Conventional methods show that there is a delay in paper based invoices becoming
visible within accounting systems. The delay in visibility means that there are
restrictions in forecasting and planning. Giving managers the ability to access
updated account information gives them more control and confidence when
planning ahead.

Induce Prompt Payment

E-invoicing helps induce prompt payment as invoices are sent to your customers in real time this means that
your customers will receive their invoices within minutes. This further ensures that the invoice will be
at the top of the queue for payment. The faster the invoice is approved the faster your organisation gets
paid and this results in a healthier cash flow.

Improve Supplier/Buyer Relationships

Ensuring that the invoicing process is as effective as possible ensures that there is a reduction in the
amount of disputes that can arise. Furthermore, integration between trading partners’ systems enables
both parties to contribute towards making a long term trading relationship.

Improve Business Cash Flow and Forecasting

With the aim of improving cash flow, many businesses are looking for new innovative technologies which
allow them to do so. E-invoicing helps streamline accounts operations which in turn enables managers to
improve business cash flow. By reducing the the length of order-to-pay and order-to-cash cycles,
e-invoicing enables organisations to receive and make payments in a timely and efficient manner and,
because of this, both parties are able to negotiate better trading terms.

Always Meet Regulatory Compliance

Working alongside an e-invoicing provider, businesses can take advantage of the systems that meet a number
of different countries’ regulatory compliance standards. This means that businesses do not need expertise
in areas such as tax, therefore removing the barriers of entering into a new market.