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Why do organisations make the switch to e-invoicing?

Supplier Benefits

Reduce Inbound Enquiries & Calls

A customer’s need to request copies of documents to be resent is removed as all invoices are
stored online for the minimum regulatory period along with all supporting documents. This
self-service function enables customers to find their documents, when they need them. Online
query functions allow customers to easily query invoices 24/7, facilitating accounts receivable
departments to deal with issues efficiently. Invoice screening ensures valid VAT rates and
correct totals.

Reduce the Cost of Getting Paid

Customers’ invoices are dealt with faster and more efficiently because the relevant data is
immediately available on their computer systems. As a result, invoices are available to be
paid on time, days sales outstanding (DSO) can be immediately reduced by four or more days
and cash flow is improved immensely.

Lower Invoicing Costs

E-invoicing costs a lot less than conventional post as everything is sent electronically t
hrough a secure cloud platform. Manual workloads are significantly reduced and so too are
materials such as paper, envelopes, ink and postage.

Deliver Invoices in Real Time

Invoices are delivered within minutes of being issued therefore they get into the queue for
payment faster, which leads to them being dealt with up to 4-5 working days sooner. When compared
to the conventional postal method, e-invoicing allows for a fast and efficient payment cycle.

More Secure Than Conventional Post & Email

With conventional post there is very little security, both post and email can be intercepted,
opened and altered. Also, both post and email can be easily lost or mislaid; offering further
opportunity for interception. With e-invoicing, only authorised personnel can gain access to
the invoice which makes it far more secure than conventional post and email.

Eliminate Paper Handling

E-invoicing removes most of the paper handling involved with the invoicing process. Your data
is available anytime, anywhere as long as you have access to the Internet. All of your information
is held securely in a data center.

Speed Up Payment From Buyers

e-invoicing allows your invoices to reach your customers within a matter of minutes thus speeding
up the payment process by over a week as your customers will not have to wait the 4-5 working days
expected with conventional post. Automated reminders can also be issued to customers along with
reports to your credit control team if customers have not viewed their invoices within a defined
period of time.

Better for the Environment

With e-invoicing there is a lot less paperwork, all data is stored and archived in a highly secure
data center. No more need to store paper invoices in the office, less paper means less felled trees
and a lower carbon footprint. E-invoicing is significantly better for the environment.

Eliminate Lost or Mislaid Invoices

With e-invoicing all your invoice data is electronically stored in secure servers and is always there for
you to access. Should you require to do so, the invoice can be downloaded into your accounting system.
You will eliminate problems with lost or mislaid invoices as all invoices are stored in the same place
for easy access.